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IT Staffing or Consulting Offshore and Outsourcing

Software Outsourcing Services Are Now Made Easy With Full Support.

Software Outsourcing services can be pretty handy in saving your valuable time and productive resources. When these services are IT outsourced, they are handled by a dedicated software development team from us. that uses its own set of staff and physical infrastructure to carry out the proceedings.

In software development outsourcing, an organization choose to hire an external software development agency to work on its software project. Various IT-decision makers and business owners are opting to outsource their software projects to focus on their core competencies.

Benefits Of Outsourced Vs In-house Development

Confused about whether or not to outsource your software development project? We will help you make up your mind. Ponder over the following facts:

  • The software quality is increased by up to 30% due to access to world-class tools and tech and the industry’s best practices.
  • The development speed is increased by up to 40% due to ready-made components and other microservices.
  • Development costs are reduced by up to 30% because of optimised resources and no need to hire new people for in-house development.

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    What Mavin Technologies Offers

    There are three basic models for software development outsourcing:

    software development outsourcing

    Staff Augmentation

    This model is the simplest form of software development outsourcing. Here, a majority of the responsibility lies on the client-side. The client leases work from the outsourcing company to assist with their internal development projects. The client owns the software projects – from start to end.

    Dedicated Team

    Under the dedicated team model, the client and outsourcing service provider share the responsibility for ownership of development projects. Both of them come to standard terms about which responsibilities belong to whom.
    outsourcing service provider team
    software project outsourcing


    In this model of software project outsourcing, a majority of the responsibility lies on the outsourcing provider. The service provider will complete the entire project development as per the needs and requirements of the client – thereby, owning the projects from scratch.
    Based on your requirements, you can choose from either of these models for your software development projects.

    Why Mavin?

    Mavin’s business domain knowledge, proven methodologies, and technology expertise will add value to your business. Here are some of the key reasons to put your trust in Mavin for your next software development project:

    Experienced team

    We have years of experience in building software projects for hundreds of clients. Basically, we have got old hands! Mavin is a reliable partner for outsourcing in any industry or domain. No matter how simple or complex your project requirements are, we have got all covered.

    Affordable prices

    Get premium quality software outsourcing services at affordable prices. We have got suitable packages for all range and size of the software.


    We know you are trusting us with your software. That’s why our team of specialists is always there to resolve your queries, as and when they come.


    In our way of working, we understand the client requirements in detail. Later, the complete process is put in a Business Requirement Document. This helps us in ensuring trust and transparency – much-needed aspects when it comes to outsourcing projects.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you want to save money on IT and software development, you must opt for software outsourcing. In addition to cutting on the costs, you can enjoy better services with the best talent in the industry.

    The allocation of developers and resources is strictly based on the complexity of the project. Mavin is flexible to increase the resources as per the needs of the projects or the client. The ultimate aim is to provide the best end-product to our clients.
    You will have full access and control to all the stages of your product development. You can easily monitor the process through calls or meetings, track the status, and exercise of every task.
    At Mavin, we sign NDAs as well as Confidentiality Agreements as required by you. Each of our team members is bound by company confidentiality and non-disclosure clauses. Therefore, you rest assured about the privacy and confidentiality of your product with Mavin.

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