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Hire Top Mobile Application Development Services in India

In a mobile-first world, where every business dreams of launching their own Android and iOS apps, Mavin is helping startups and industry giants to live their dreams. We are a team of smart, agile, and enthusiastic mobile app developers who bring years of experience and dynamicity to every app we create.
We help your brand rule over the top mobile app stores – App Store, Google Play, and other industry leaders with our custom app development solutions. Our mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, and QA experts put their hearts out in meeting your expectations while maintaining your budget.
From refining your concept to deploying a potent mobile app at the end, we ensure unmatched quality and excellence at your disposal.

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    Looking For Mobile Application Development

    Want to build high-performing, intuitive and secure web solutions that support business processes and serve users globally?

    Mobile Application Development Services

    mobile app development services

    Custom Mobile Apps

    Our custom mobile app development services are exclusive of conventional or packaged solutions as these services fail to meet our clients’ requirements. We develop both Android and iOS apps that are tailored specifically to the requirements of the end users while considering the exceptions. Our mobility solutions are high-performing and integrated with productive applications.

    AI-based Apps

    Our AI app developers create applications that redefine your business, reshape into innovation, and make it an intelligence-driven organization. We cater to the modern world that demands self-sustainable and context-aware systems to ease their lives. Our apps are bound to instill the full potential of artificial intelligence to streamline your business operations.

    AI app developers
    AR and VR applications

    AR and VR Apps

    Our AR and VR equipped applications are adept in combining the digital and real world to give a completely new experience to your business. Digital manipulation and interactive environment is what we mask in the real world with our smart mobile apps. Get our well-trained and experienced team onboard to access the latest set of tools and technologies for your business.

    Wearable Apps

    With wearable apps fascinating the present generation, the world is soon to adopt the development strategy for future development needs and here is where our expertise lies. Consolidating the latest trends and technologies in our app development process, we create robust apps for wearable devices to integrate with the smartest sensors and empower scalable mobility.

    Big Data Apps

    Managing large volumes of data is a major challenge in front of modern day businesses. We understand their problems and help them take smart decisions with our big data app development services. Our apps employ data-driven strategies to unlock your business potential by gaining actionable insights into your data. Harness the power of big data to optimize your business functions.

    Blockchain Apps

    Blockchain is the new payment technology that revolutionized the contemporary world. Making sound and secure technologies our arsenal, we develop first-in-class blockchain mobile apps that give you an edge in the competition. Our applications are proudly trusted by our clients to drive business growth through safe and encrypted transactions across a wide range of domains.

    Enterprise App Development

    Enterprise Apps

    We are adept in creating enterprise applications that bring unparalleled success for your business. Our applications not just accelerate your business growth but boosts employee productivity and data security. From automating your business operations to establishing effective workflows, and cutting down on maintenance costs, our enterprise apps are a one-stop solution.

    Dedicated Mobile App Teams

    We extend out app development support by providing dedicated app developers for full-time at your disposal. Our experienced, highly competent, and dedicated developers work closely with you to build robust mobile apps. In this model, you have complete control over the development process, project duration, and the number and skill set of developers you are selecting for your project.
    Mobile App developers

    Our Technology Stack

    Our app development solutions are based on cutting-edge technologies but not limited to the listed proficiencies.



    We create Android apps that guarantee your brand’s placement in Google Play and other supported platforms.


    Our iOS apps are the epitome of robustness and security that stabilizes your position in the App Store.
    React Native

    React Native

    Our React Native applications offer liberal solutions to your business making it a notable industry leader.


    Flutter-based apps allow you to streamline app development using code reuse and change tracking features.


    Our Xamarin powered mobile apps are leaders in the native app industry while incorporating high-performing capabilities.


    IONIC apps innovate cross-platform applications by employing one shared code base in the development process.

    Why hire us?

    Our dedicated offshore teams are proficient in every aspect of product development and provide you with the best in the least possible cost.
    Experienced Developers

    Experienced developers

    Our app developers are professionals with more than 3 years of expertise in dealing with diverse mobile app technologies and delivering tailored mobility solutions.
    Flexible Team

    Flexible Team

    You can hire 3 to 20 people in your dedicated teams to meet your project requirements based on their experience with the required technology.
    Preferred Duration

    Preferred Duration

    We provide complete freedom to decide on the project duration based on your selection of teams as we suggest a minimum three months for dedicated developers.
    app development

    Strict NDA

    We start app development only after signing a strict NDA that mentions the safety of your app idea and the intellectual property rights being granted to you.
    Easy Tracking

    Easy Tracking

    Get access to daily and weekly development progress reports from our team and a project manager to oversee the process from start to finish under your guidance.
    Custom Quote

    Custom Quote

    We service rates are solely dependent on your custom project requirements, technologies used, and the efforts put in by our mobile app developers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The selection of the app idea depends solely on your demands. If you have a revolutionary idea to introduce in the market, we are comfortable with working on it. Else, if you want us to add our two cents to make it more impressive, we would be more than happy to assist you with the same.
    Yes. Before we commence your project, we sign a strict NDA that mentions complete closure of your ideas, concepts, and strategies within our team. We also provide you with intellectual property rights after we deploy the app to your site.
    Yes. We deliver custom app mobile app development solutions irrespective of the complexities involved. Our team is well-trained to adopt your work standards and work accordingly.