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IT Staffing or Consulting Offshore and Outsourcing

We employ a cost-effective workforce to develop and manage all your IT applications Outsourcing/Offshoring

From analysis to development and maintenance, building IT applications is a sophisticated process, hence expensive and nerve-wracking. It is more complicated when you lack a IT applications Outsourcing/Offshoring team by your side.
An offshore website and software product development company can meet all your IT requirements and beat out the dent in your budget. We lead a vast pool of well-trained and highly experienced developers to manage the entire software development process for you across various platforms and environments.

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What’s there for you at Mavin

We bring a robust and extensive talent at your dispersal to create, manage, and quality-assure all your website and software product development projects. With an accomplished track record in the IT industry, we are aware of the ups and downs of building applications that reflect dynamism with the evolving world. Therefore, we do the needful for you with our top quality, secure yet cost-effective development services.

  • A versatile team of developers
  • Save more than half on development costs
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Agile development methodology

Our Full Range of IT applications Outsourcing/Offshoring

Our custom development solutions bring unmatched excellence to your business. We address all your complex software needs while you focus on expanding your business and embracing more opportunities by our IT applications Outsourcing/Offshoring services.

Our web designers and programmers create highly responsive and productive websites to communicate a brand’s essence effectively. Developing compelling and thought-provoking websites is our specialty.
In a mobile-first world, where every business dreams of launching their own Android and iOS apps, Mavin is helping startups and industry giants to live their dreams.
From product ideation to product maintenance, we are leading providers of outsourced software product development services. It helps our clients to focus on their core business activities.
We set up a dedicated offshore development team for your specific software needs. Hire our diverse talent pool full-time to ensure a fully controlled product development.
From website to software development and quality assurance to maintenance – we are leading outsourcing service partners in India. Be rest assured of all your IT requirements with us.
No extra costs and data loss – with easier navigation and retained system foundation, our application migration services provide seamless transformation of your legacy system to modern platforms.

How We Do it For You

At Mavin, we have IT applications Outsourcing/Offshoring team with extensive expertise in every aspect of the website and software development process. To ensure an effective and reliable end-product, we employ a comprehensive product development strategy for every milestone we deliver to our clients.

Analysis and Planning

We start by analyzing your project idea using the detailed requirements you send to us. Our project management team gains insights into challenges associated, services required, and then drafts a comprehensive project plan.

Building the Team

After ensuring that we are on the same page with you, we start building a team for your project. You can either choose a dedicated team according to your project requirements or allow us to do the needful for you.

Assign Your Project

Once you have your team ready, you can start assigning projects to the developers. According to your business needs, you can hire these developers for multiple projects or expand your team to employ agility and multi-tasking.

Start the Development

Our team is all set to kick-start development with all the necessary resources and requirements by their side. The development unit produces a prototype of your product, followed by technical documentation to ensure everything is in place.

Time to Implement

After you approve the prototype and verify the documentation, we bring it to reality with our team implementing every module discussed in the project plan. You can track the whole process while we ensure smooth communication throughout.

Deployment or Maintenance

When your product is ready, we send it to you for on-site testing, followed by deployment. At this stage, you can either choose to fix the contract duration or leverage our maintenance services throughout your product’s lifecycle.

Why Choose Mavin as Your Go-to IT Services Partner

We are emerging as a Single Stop Shop for all the IT requirements. Our achievements and values made us the most approachable and cost-effective IT solutions provider.

12 Years of Experience

Mavin is founded and managed by industry leaders in professional IT services. Every project we deliver results from extensive hard work, proven expertise, and years of experience along the lines of website and software product development.

International Clientele

The founding members, developers, and managers at Mavin have brought a rich experience working with clients from the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, and Italy to the company, giving it an edge in the competition.

350+ Projects Delivered

We proudly mention the numbers while presenting the quality work we have delivered so far. Our team helped us create various website and software applications across different platforms and environments for small to large size businesses.

Competitive Location

We are an India-based offshore development company, situated 30 Kilometers away from the international airport in the suburb of New Delhi - Noida. The city has flourished as a new IT hub of India, well-equipped with the right infrastructure.

Dedicated Development Team

You can choose a dedicated full-time development team for your strict project requirements. The ideal project duration is three months, but you can limit the development period according to your business needs.


From viewing daily timesheets to tracking the entire development process, we keep everything open to our clients. It builds trust and makes our clients feel involved in the whole project. Every project decision is mutually agreed upon with our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Offshore software development refers to outsourcing all the development services from third-party software companies or individual developers. It involves hiring an overseas development company/developer to meet the IT requirements of the hiring company.

    1. Reduced development costs
    2. No training costs/extra employee benefits
    3. Global expertise to meet the project needs
    4. Aids in simple to complex project development tasks
    1. Map your project needs with the company’s competencies.
    2. Study their services and testimonials thoroughly.
    3. Watch out for time zone differences and communication gaps.
    4. Look at their previous projects.
    5. Connect over a face-to-face consultation call to gain complete clarity about their services.
    6. Meet and interview the development team before assigning the project.

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